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Windslow of Charlottesville, VA said in December of 2017:
Searched for "the most badass space pictures" on the internet. Y'all were the first result. Boom.

Judith, from the United Kingdom said in December of 2017:
Your website is brilliant. Since retiring my husband has developed a very keen interest in astronomy and frequently visits your website. He often remarks about how wonderful the picture I have chosen is so I thought it would make a very fitting Christmas present. Thank you so much for giving so much pleasure.

Chris, a Reddit enthusiast said in August of 2017:
Sky Image Lab is great. I got my prints fast, free shipping, and very good quality. They even applied a coupon to my purchase AFTER I made the purchase. This is a fantastic business that really cares about their customer satisfaction...

Cheryl from Missouri said in August of 2017:
The actual metal picture looks exactly like the photo on the web site. This met my expectations. It looks even more compelling when it is illuminated. I love it!!!

The product arrived within the time frame specified. I called the company to place my order over the phone. The representative assured me the site was safe for me to use my credit card.cHe followed up with a reassuring email.

I will use this company again for future purchases and highly recommend it to others.

Jessica from New York said in June of 2017:
I love how straight-forward everything is. I like the descriptions written in italics; whoever wrote them has a great sense of humor and lots of voice in their writing (I'm an English teacher!) I love that you just gave me a 2% discount and I didn't have to do anything for it and you gave me free shipping.

Renita from San Francisco said in December of 2016:
I googled "order photos of helix nebula" - and I found you...and I LOVE YOU! I just ordered photos for me and bunches of friends and family. Thank you for giving me a chance to share awe and wonder with people I love. Seriously.

Kelsey from Denver said in December of 2016:
I really like the site! All the items are reasonable prices in comparison with other websites.

Owen from Saratoga Springs, FL said in September of 2016:
I love your site! I've been looking for a site that sells large prints of high quality space images for a long time now, so I was thrilled when I stumbled across this site. It would be nice if you could sort by price, size, popularity, etc., and if you had a mailing list with special deals for repeat customers, but otherwise, this is a fantastic site!

Robert from Owens Cross Roads, AL said in January of 2016:
Thanks for being sensitive to the wants of your customers as opposed to forcing things onto your customer.

Frank from San Diego, CA said in July of 2016:
The photo arrived in the mail yesterday and it looks awesome! The red inner mat is a nice touch. Thanks for all of your help putting it together.

Mary from Chicago said in December of 2015:
I did a Google search for a very unique Christmas present for my boyfriend, 22 year old son and 9 year old daughter. Her middle name is Rose and she loves the rose print and has wanted to be an astronaut since she could say it. All 3, and myself, love all things space/science/universe related! Thank you for helping me be the best gift giver this Christmas!

Emily from Western Australia enthusiastically said in November of 2015:
Fantastic site!!! I love you give very detailed descriptions of each photo! I must say you make it hard to choose!!! So many amazing photos!! Thank you for giving the world a chance to have a photo of our universe in our wall!! It's just mind blowing!

Dale from Winter Park, CO said in January of 2015:
This photo [Pale Blue Dot] is the most important photo ever taken. It thrills and chills me. Thank you for selling me a print.

Anita from Montgomery, TX said in December of 2014:
Your site is amazing! I have spent hours looking at the photos and my 9 year old daughter is so enamored with all things space related. She's constantly asking me to show her more pics and we discuss each one after reading the info on it. Thank you for helping foster the love of the universe and shaping the mind of a child who aspires to be an astronaut someday!

Lisa from St. Louis said in March of 2014:
Your site is simply amazing. I've wandered through it many times. It's gorgeous, professionally presented, easy to browse through, and I love the info provided with each photo. It's an addicting site.

A student from Alberta Canada said in February of 2014:
"I Googled,
"I feel sad,"
and the Little Blue Dot came up in a link and made me feel better."

Carol from Mars Hill, NC said in June 2013:
Incredible images! I have spent hours here. One tiny planet among all else; how ridiculous it would be to say that we are the only ones here. I am jn total awe. Thanks for a most enjoyable evening.

Carol from Mars Hill, NC said in June 2013:
Incredible images! I have spent hours here. One tiny planet among all else; how ridiculous it would be to say that we are the only ones here. I am jn total awe. Thanks for a most enjoyable evening.

Terry from Florence, Italy said in January 2013:
This was the perfect purchasing experience - terrific customer service, price and delivery as advertised, no hassles on international delivery.

Sivakumar from Vancover, Canada said in November 2011:
Great collection, what an inspiration. This shows the importance of Life. Yes Life the most miraculous thing in the universe.

Denise from Chicopee, MA said in November 2011:
The photos are stunning! I am experiencing a deep spiritaul awakening and having visions that I have never beheld. Then today I found this website and now know that I have been seeing the heavens in my dreams! Stellar, brilliant photos! Although I do not fully understand this quickening, I am convinced, now more than ever, that the Universe desires to reveal its great mysteries! These photos caputure the blissful ecstacy and delightful rapture of the heavens!!!

M. from Morganton, NC said in October 2011:
The pictures just take my breath away. They are so much more than beautiful.

Najah from Philadelphia, PA said in June 2011:
Excellent visual & educational "eye candy"!

Al from Los Angeles, CA said in May 2011:
Intriguing, captivating easy to navigate and well positioned, professional.

Philippe from Ontario, Canada said in May 2010:
Flipping amayzing!

Robyn from Makawao, HI said in April 2010:
I am completely blown away!!! These photos are absolutely beyond beautiful and amazing. How tiny and insignificant we are compared to Eternity. Seeing all those stars and planets, galaxies, and universes just boggles my mind, it's all encompassing.

Christine from Brooklyn, NY said in April 2010:
Love your work! Beautiful quality and great order fulfillment!

Donna from Shelby, MI said in March 2010:
Awesome!!! I showed my Grandson and he couldn't believe how the planets and everything looked so cool (as he said).

Terry from Mendicino, CA said in March 2010:
This was the perfect purchasing experience - terrific customer service, price and delivery as advertised, no hassles.

Bertrand from Houston, TX said in March 2010:
Excellent response by email, fast shipping with lots of care (free for USA), beautiful prints... perfection!

S. W. from Studio City, CA said in March 2010:
I just wanted to thank you for the quality printing on the images I received. It was worth the extra money for the double weight [UltraSmooth Fine Art] paper.

Pam from Albuquerque, NM said in December 2009:
You are awesome! The pix arrived in perfect shape and I was so surprised to see the bonus photo...Will be ordering more after the 1st of the year...they are to be a point of conversation in my home! It is a rare pleasure working with such a professional company who believes in "signing their work with excellence".

Susan from Canby, CA said in December 2009:
I received my order today and am so very pleased. I am hoping that the people to whom I am giving them will be as inspired as I am. Merry Christmas, and thank you.

Sylvia from North Wales, UK said in December 2009:
The prints arrived today - absolutely in time for Xmas. Many thanks!

Dan and Jennifer M, from Felton DE said in July 2009:
My husband and I wanted to thank you so much! We received our ordered picture and also the bonus picture!!! We genuinely appreciated it! Thanks so much!!!

Karl H, from Lexington, KY said in April 2009:
I have ordered Space Image Photos from this company before. The photos were great and shipping was quick. That's why I came back, and placed another order for additional photos. If you haven't checked out this site yet, you should . They have some amazing pictures of Space (Hubble, NASA, etc). Plus, they update their list quite often, with new and exciting photos. You could spend all day searching thru all the great pictures they have. Some of which will " truly " shock and amaze you ! I know that I'll go back and order more photos in the near future. I already have my eye on several. It's just so hard to pick out the ones I want first. I'm just glad that there is a web site out there, that offers such stunning images of space.

Stefanie G. of Roscoe, IL said in December 2008:
I had listened to church service given about the vastness and incomprehensibility of space. This service really stood out to my dad and I wanted to give him a picture of something beautiful in space to be a reminder of the lessons addressed in the service. This website came up during a Google search and I was shocked to see that there was actually a nebula named. "the eye of God". It was so ironic to find the picture and very fitting for the purpose of my gift.

Susan D, from Wichita, KS said in December 2008:
I love your site! It is really awesome and is helping me to redecorate my home with some really fantastic art at economical prices. Thanks!!

S. M., from Dearborn, MI said in March 2008:
ordered one print with great ease. An hour or so later, I called back and was able to add another print to my order. I was assured both would ship together. The person I talked to was very friendly and helpful, really explaining all my options. I would definitely recommend this site and company to others.

T. S, from Concord, CA said in December 2007:
Customer service is outstanding! They go out of their way to make sure the customer is satisfied. The image I purchased is fantastic. I highly recommend them!

Arlyn H., of M.I.T. said in August 2007:
I received the Chandra image today and it is beautiful. Thank you so much for expediting the order and thank you for the other image that you included. It also is dazzling and we will frame it and hang it in our office.

Again, thank you.

Margaret P., of Santa Ana, CA said in July 2007:
I would like to say that I am very pleased with the merchandise I have purchased from Sky Image Lab, and I intend to do more business with them.

Another reason I plan on doing more shopping through Sky Image Lab, is the customer service I received from James.

Thank you James for your helping me pick out a birthday gift for my Dad, and for the assistance you gave me on my other orders! YOU ROCK!!!

Thank you and keep lookin up!!! Peg

Christine P., of New York City said in June 2007:
...I do want to add, since I'm contacting you anyway, that this is my third order to you in the past six weeks and it will not be the last, I am sure. I am thrilled to have found Sky Image Lab. The quality of your prints is wonderful, and the two that you framed...well, all I can say is the quality and look of the matting and framing does justice to the beauty of the imagery!

Mark B., of London, England said in June 2007:
Very professional and helpful service - Always responeded quickly to enquiries, and went out of their way to ensure we were happy with our purchase. Couldnt recommend any more highly - And Im fussy!

Andrew B., of Durham, NC said on December 2006:
This was one of the best--and easiest--purchases I have ever made online. Ive always been interested in astronomy and astronomy photos, and their selection was top-notch. Not only that, the wide variety of print sizes and types made it easy to get exactly what I was looking for. The prints arrived in very short order, and were better than Id thought they could be. They werent posters or photographs--they were more like art canvasses out of a museum! I ordered 8 prints in several different sizes, and all of them were incredible. I would have been happy just to have what I ordered, but they werent done yet--they sent me two more prints for free, just for ordering, and Im not talking throw-away prints that no one would want. Im talking prints I would have ordered myself if Id thought about it. All in all, this merchant is the best one for astronomy prints that Ive ever seen, and Ive looked at dozens, both online and in person. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for ! top-quality prints that would be equally perfect on your bedroom wall or hanging in your local art museum.

Bill K., of Lawton, OK said in December 2006:
I was very pleased I am new to online shopping it was very easy to find what I wanted. I had many choices of prices to fit my wallet. it got here in a timely manner during the christmas rush. got here in great condition.

Elaine S., of San Antonio, TX said in December 2006:
Rapid processing, well packed, arrived in perfect condition.

Tamara G., of Cheyenne, WY said in November 2006:
EXCELLENT SELLER! Im a regular customer of Sky Image Lab and, as always, they sent me extremely high-quality products at a low price, within a very timely manner. I truly appreciate their commitment to customer service excellence. THANK YOU!

Sara H., Glasgow, Scottland said in November 2006:
Very impressed with the service and speed of delivery considering it was coming from abroad. The picture was well packaged and I will use them again in the future.

Shelly L., of Edmonton, Canada said in October 2006:
I highly recommend this vendor: customer service was extremely professional, product was very impressive, speed of delivery to Canada was amazing!

Robert B., of Newington, CT said in October 2006
I am a previous customer at least three times previous and Sky Image keeps getting better. The best is, before shipping they like to make sure things are right. However, the best is really the first class product that arrives and is proudly displayed for all to see.

Linda H., of Lynnwood, WA said in June 2006
These astronomy reprints clarity, colors, and quality were the best Ive ever gotten, and Ive ordered astro prints from several national astronomy magazines. Thanks Sky Image. I will be ordering from you again.

Paul H., of Lake Havasu City, AZ said in May 2006
The product itself was astoundingly beautiful. These are the best photographic prints I have ever seen of astronomical subjects--ever. Absolutely gorgeous. Period. I purchased a very the Cassini panaroma of Saturn and a large reprint of the Apollo 8 Earthrise, both framed. They are in my law office right now and they never fail to draw comments from visitors and clients about how stunning they are.

The framing and matting appears to be nice, too. And, in a nice touch, the framed prints came with hangers (the nail and hook) in a little baggie hanging on the hanging wire.

There was a slight delay in shipping, due to the company being closed for some personal emergency, but that sort of thing happens. The prints were worth the wait and worth the price (which is NOT cheap, but as they say, you dont always get what you pay for but you generally have to pay for what you get.)

Again--the product is beautiful. I am more than satisfied with my purchase.

Darlys A., of Sacramento, CA said in March 2006
I am so pleased with the items and service I received. My prints are at the framing shop right now. I am spending over $300.00 to have them matted and framed under glass. The colors of the print are outstanding.

Miriam K., of Perth, WA said in November 2005
I sent an email Monday lunchtime requesting some information about my delivery and I was responded to within a matter of 1/2 hour, I was very impressed.

Karen P., of Brisbane Queensland, Australia said in October 2005
I recently ordered a photo from It was easy to select the photo I wanted (from the Hubble Telescope) and when I ordered I received immediate confirmation and was advised approximate time of delivery. When I advised I needed the product urgently for a gift I was advised immediately by e-mail that they would make every effort to deliver within my time frame. I was advised again when the item was posted and it was received in good condition within a few days. Thank you, I will certainly recommend this service to others and use it again myself.

Vimala R., of Nevada City, CA said in July 2005
Outstanding service.The product exceeded my expectations. Shipped quickly. Im really impressed.

Susan B., of Batan Rouge, LA said in May 2005
My sister is a middle school teacher and someone emailed her the picture of the eye of God from the Hubble telescope. She sent the email to me and wondered where she could get this for her classroom. Unknown to her I went searching and found it on Yahoo and ordered it and had it sent directly to her. I received an email from her this week and she was very surprised and pleased and it was hanging in her classroom the next day. The ease of finding it and ordering it and having it sent to her directly made it a joy to surprise her this way and as an extra bonus it arrived on her anniversary, so all in all it was a plus, plus experience.

Eric S., of Cheney, WA said in March 2005
Excellent quality prints. Ordering was easy and they kept me informed of the status of my order right up till shipment. Prints arrived in perfect condition. Great prices, too. A satisfied customer. Ill be back!