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Spitzer Legacy Archive

Infrared Legacy Gallery
Orion Nebula [Spitzer-Hubble]
Galactic Plane [Spitzer]
Eagle Nebula [Spitzer]
Orion Nebula [Spitzer]
NGC 1333 [Spitzer]
Galactic Center [Spitzer]
Eta Carinae [Spitzer]
Messier 57 [Spitzer]
Galactic Plane in Cygnus [MSX]
Keyhole Nebula [2MASS]
Messier 20 [Spitzer]
RCW 38 [2MASS]
NGC 7331 [Spitzer]
RCW 49 [Spitzer]
Messier 51 [Spitzer]
Orion [IRAS]
Large Magellanic Cloud [IRAS]
Galactic Center [2MASS]
NGC 7129 [Spitzer]
Henize 206 [Spitzer]
DR21 Region [Spitzer]
Messier 81 [Spitzer]
IC 1396 [Spitzer]
Tarantula Nebula [Spitzer]
Lagoon Nebula [MSX]
Infrared Sky [IRAS]
Orion Nebula [2MASS]
Stars of the Infrared Sky [2MASS]
Infrared Cirrus [MSX]
Rho Oph & Galactic Center [IRAS]