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Project Mercury
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Project Mercury
Project Mercury
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Product Description

A special, commerative issue was released recognizing the three orbit flight of the Marine Corp pilot, Astronaut John H. Glenn, Jr., in the space capsule, "Friendship 7".

Date of Issue - February 20, 1962
Place of Issue - Port Canaveral, Florida

The stamp was designed, printed, and distributed to 305 post offices across the United States in secret. The postmasters did not know what the stamps were or resembled until official word was sent to unseal the packages and begin the distributions and sale of the stamps.

The Project Mercury stamp was released for sale at 3:30 pm upon the spectacular mission and successful splashdown of the astronaut, John Glenn Jr.

Only the Cape Canaveral Florida postmark has the words "First Day of Issue" in its cancel. This is considered the official cancel.

Any recovery ship cover with a February 20, 1962 postmark and a "Project Mercury" stamp is a backdated cover. There were no stamps aboard any ships.