Nebula Photos

A nebula (from Latin: "mist"; pl. nebulae or nebulŠ, with ligature or nebulas) is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen gas and plasma. It is the first stage of a star's cycle. Originally nebula was a general name for any extended astronomical object, including galaxies beyond the Milky Way (some examples of the older usage survive; for example, the Andromeda Galaxy was referred to as the Andromeda Nebula before galaxies were discovered by Edwin Hubble). Nebulae often form star-forming regions, such as in the Eagle Nebula. This nebula is depicted in one of NASA's most famous images, the "Pillars of Creation". In these regions the formations of gas, dust and other materials 'clump' together to form larger masses, which attract further matter, and eventually will become big enough to form stars. The remaining materials are then believed to form planets, and other solar system objects.

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Hubble Catalog of Nebulae

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Hubble M8 Lagoon Nebula
Veil Nebula Up Close
Nebula Matrix
Eye of God in Blue
ESO Pencil Nebula
Recent APOD
Herschel Pillars
Hubble Lagoon Panorama

Hubble Enigmatic Star Cloud
Jet in Carina Nebula
Hubble Butterfly Nebula
Tarantula Heart
N44 Superbubble Photo
New Gemini Image
ESO Eye of God
Recent APOD
Great Carina Nebula
Recent APOD
Splendid Planetary Nebula
Recent APOD
NGC 604: Giant Stellar Nursery
Recent APOD
Crab Pulsar Wind Nebula
Carina Nebula Panorama
Witch's Broom Nebula
Thor's Helmet
APOD Selection 1/17/2008
Gemini Double Supernova
Rosette Nebula
A Rose for Valentine's Day
Stars in a Bubble
Red Square Nebula
Eye of God
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Double Helix Nebula
Blue Wisp
Eskimo Nebula
NGC 2932
Pickering's Triangle Panorama
M16 Eagle Nebula Photo Gallery
Gallery of M16 Photos
Hubble Cat's Eye Nebula
Giant Star Birth Region
NGC 604
Hubble Hourglass Nebula
Spirograph Nebula
IC 418
Veil Nebula Kitt Peak
NGC 6960
Christmas Nebula
Cone and Fox Fur Nebulae
NGC 2264
Spitzer Cosmic Generations
Inside M33
NGC 604
Carina Nebula
NGC 3372
Chandra Mosaic 2001
Southern Rose
La Savilla
Pillars of Creation Photo
Pelican Nebula
Kitt Peak
B72 Snake Head Nebula
Barnard 72
N49 Cosmic Blast
NGC 6751 Glowing Eye
NGC 6751
M17 Hubble Omega Nebula
New Hubble ACS Image
Cassiopeia A Supernova Remnant
Cas A
M16 Inside the Eagle
ESO Tarantula Nebula
NGC 2100
Retina Nebula
IC 4406
ESO Horsehead Nebula
IC 434
Wild Horsehead
IC 434
Kitt Peak Horsehead Nebula
Hubble Horsehead Nebula
IC 434
Vast Star Forming Region
M57 Ring Nebula
M1 Heart of the Crab Nebula
Dazzling Clusters of Stars
NGC 1850
M42 ESO Orion Nebula
Chamaeleon I
NGC 3195
Protostar HH-34
M16 ESO Eagle Nebula
Eta Carina Nebula
NGC 3372
M20 H-alpha Trifid Nebula
Black Cloud B68
Cat's Eye Nebula
Recently in APOD
Doomed Star in Eta Carina
M42 Kitt Peak Orion Nebula
Keyhole Nebula Infrared
NGC 3372
M8 Lagoon Southern Cliffs
Colorful Crab Nebula M1