Media Choices

Media Choices

At Checkout,  we offer images from our catalog as

  • MetalPrints Ready-to-Hang
  • High Vibrancy prints on scratch-free aluminum, with floating ready to hang mounting
  • Gallery Wrapped Canvas Ready-to-Hang
  • Stretched canvas on traditional stretcher bars, ready to hang
  • Framed and Matted
  • Framed moulding with single or double mats with optical grade acrylic "glass". Ready to hang

    All images on our site are the highest resolution available from original, untouched, sources. With astronomical images, background sensor noise is minimized to produce a more pleasing black. Slight adjustments to contract and saturation are sometimes applied. In no case have we added or manufactured data to an image to "improve". All images (unless artists' renderings) are real, and are derived from original observatory data sets. All of our Media options (canvas, metal, premium, fine art) are equally capable of producing high resolution printed images. There is no image quality loss related to Media choices. All of our Media is Certified Archival with greater than 100 year color fast life. Our Fine Art prints, in addition, are Museum grade, without lignins or artificial brighteners.

    Premium Prints


    ENDURA Premier Paper features a technological breakthrough, the latest advancement in coupler technology, which expands your capability to create high-quality print output — professional, compelling prints that accurately preserve memories. Now, due to Kodak's innovative cyan dispersion and emulsion technology, you can benefit from an even larger color gamut, all the while maintaining clean whites, rich blacks.
    •  Increased color gamut for stronger, brighter, more vibrant colors
    •  Natural-looking skin tones
    •  Improved D-Min for cleaner-looking whites
    •  Improved D-Max capability for bold, rich blacks*
    •  Clean, sharp text and graphics for photo books, greeting cards and more• State-of-the-art image
    •  Over 100 years before noticeable fading in typical home display;
    •  Over 200 years before noticeably fading in dark storage
    •  20 months for high-intensity commercial reflection

    Archival Fine Art Textured Prints

    Breathing Color Elegance Velvet Paper


    This 310g, Bright White, water-resistant velvet fine art paper is made from 100% cotton fiber and is acid and lignin free. Elegance Velvet is a proprietary mouldmade fine art paper that is strong and dimensionally stable. It has a high white point, remarkable ink load capacity, and best-in-class image quality that far exceeds the limitations of virtually every paper of its kind.

    Elegance Velvet is ideally suited for luxurious fine art and photographic reproduction, portraits, greeting cards, post cards, and presentational art graphics for printed displays.



    No 100% cotton rag velvet fine art paper on the market today can compete with the color gamut and dmax that this fine art paper delivers. Elegance Velvet is truly ahead of its time, and its name has proudly stood as one of the flagship products of our Company.


    One you've held an Elegance print in your hand, its hard to not be impressed with its ideal 310g weight and soft feel. With Elegance, know that you're maximizing the perceived value of every fine art print.


    As the "anchor" of fine art reproduction studios worldwide, we understand that long-term consistency and reliability is vital. We have stood behind this paper since it was released, and we will continue to do so for years to come. Be confident that your limited editions are safe on Elegance Velvet.


    Elegance Velvet is archival certified for 100+ years.  Download and utilize Elegance's Archival Certificate to differentiate your business and show your customers how much you care about quality.

    Gallery Wrapped Canvas

    Archival Canvas assembled on stretcher bars, backed with mounting hardware. Image digitally wrapped around edges.

        Mirror Canvas Wrap using Breathing Colors Chromata White Canvas

    Chromata White Canvas

    19 mil, 450gsm matte poly-cotton inkjet canvas. Archival Certified, OBA-free

    Chromata White Canvas is a textured 19 mil bright white, consistent poly-cotton blend matte canvas using an acid-free, neutral pH coating. Chromata White was the first ever OBA-free canvas to hit the market and it has since revolutionized the giclee printing industry.  



    Characteristic of all Breathing Color inkjet media, Chromata White delivers exceptional color gamut & dmax.  If our Chromata White Canvas impresses you, then you've gotta see Lyve.


    Called "Chromata White", this breakthrough technology has set Breathing Color apart for years. Normally, OBA-Free products have a yellowish surface. Our "Chromata White" technology, which we released in 2005, forever changed this by delivering OBA-Free with the desired bright white surface. This answered the needs of our customers to maximize the longevity of their prints while maintaining the most popular and desired look. 

    "Chromata White" gives the end-user the most stable platform on which to print photographs and fine art giclees without the metamerism issues or color shift issues inherent on other canvases. Optical Brighteners compromise the attainment of true color, they complicate profiling accuracy, and they inevitably deteriorate and yellow over time. You can read more about OBA's and their long-term effects on inkjet prints.  


    Chromata White is archival certified for 100+ years. Download and utilize Chromata's Archival Certificate to differentiate your business and show your customers how much you care about quality.


    Ever noticed how a print can look identical under one light source, yet show remarkable differences in color when viewed under a different light source?  This problem is referred to as "metamerism". When OBA's are used in inkjet media, the metamerism problem exacerbates exponentially.  Because this product is manufactured OBA-free, you are assured that your prints will look consistent under different lighting conditions.


    All of our inkjet canvas grades share this feature.


    MetalPrints Ready to Hang

    MetalPrints represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, images will take on an almost magical luminescence.

    MetalPrints Endure Test of Time

    > While photo papers have fantastic image stability, Xenon Light Stability Testing results show that the image stability of MetalPrints is 2 to 4 times the image stability of traditional silver based photo papers.

    Mounting Details

    Floating Mount Details for 8x10 MetalPrint Ready-to-Hang

    Framed and Matted Prints

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