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International Shipping Options

International Shipping Options

Now, Flat Rate International Shipping for Prints and Frames

All Prints Shipped to CANADA $5 Flat Rate per order

All Prints Shipped INTERNATIONAL $15 Flat Rate per order

Note to International Customers: Order with confidence. We guarantee 100% that your order will arrive undamaged. If your order is lost or damaged, we will reprint and reship your order at no extra charge. Sometimes we will request that you return the damaged item, at our cost.

Note: Sometimes we have to make minor downward adjustments to the overall size of the image(s) in your order to comply with International Shipping size requirements. We'll tell you about this before we print the order, if that happens.

All sizes are expressed in inches.

We accept International Orders and Credit Cards. However, framed photos 16x20 and larger can be expensive, because of size restrictions. We recommend our international customers order Standard 11x14 framed images, or any size printed images. Costs to ship these items are very low.

Choose Express shipping if you want online package tracking and guaranteed international delivery.

The shipping rate calculations you see at Checkout are hopefully close approximations. If the charge is less or more than our estimate, we will adjust your order and give you a confirmation. We don't make money on shipping charges.

Orders will be shipped by the US Postal Service Global Priority Mail or Global Airmail, whenever possible.

We cannot be responsible for any customs duties and tarrifs imposed on our shipments to your country. But, we'd be happy to help you determine what duties may be applicable before we ship the item.

Note: Sometimes we need to adjust the size of a print slightly to adhere to width and length limitations for some countries. We'll tell you if we need to do this.

Note for Canadian Shipments: You may have to pay Provincial Sales Tax and GST on your orders. We declare the shipment as "posters".

Note for United Kingdom Shipments: You may have to pay a small import duty. We declare the shipment as "posters" with a very low value.

Sorry, our Free Shipping offer does not apply to International Orders.