Helix in Narrow Band
NGC 7293

Helix Nebula
Helix Nebula
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Ha = Red, [OIII] = Green, [OIII] = Blue

Taken on August 14, 2004 at the Fremont Peak Observatory near San Juan Bautista, California.

AP155EDF f/7 (F=1085mm) imaging scope

Finger Lakes IMG6303E imaging camera at -37C

AP80/900MM guide scope

SBIG ST7E guide camera at -15C

Finger Lakes CFW1 filter wheel

AP1200GTO mount


Custom Scientific 50mm Narrowband Emission Line filters (AR Coated)

Hydrogen alpha 656.3nm 3nm FWHM

[Oxygen III] 500.7nm 3nm FWHM

Finger Lakes Blue filter

4 exposures of 20 minutes for Ha and [OIII], 7 exposures of five minutes through Blue filter

Three hours and 15 minutes total exposure time.