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Comet Ikeya-Zhang

Comet Ikeya-Zhang
Comet Ikeya-Zhang
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Comet Ikeya-Zhang  by   Richard Crisp    

Taken 03 March 2002 at Montebello Open Space Preserve, Santa Clara County, Ca.

Early evening, RA 01:07, Decl 02:54
20 x 10sec
FLI Dream Machine @ -40Deg C
CM1400 with TV101 Piggybacked
Celestron f6.3 reducer
2488mm Focal length / f/7
AP1200GTO mount

This image from March 3, 2002 captured the active comet's bright, condensed coma and a delightful array of subtle structures in its developing tail. The tail stretches for 5 degrees or so against a background of stars in the constellation Pisces. Cataloged as comet C/2002 C1, improved orbit determinations now make it seem very likely that Comet Ikeya-Zhang has been around here before. Refined calculations indicate this comet's last trip through the inner Solar System was 341 years ago, in 1661, when it was recorded as a bright comet.

Image: Richard Crisp
Text: APOD