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Apollo 11
Earth Rise Photo

Apollo 11 Earthrise 4
Apollo 11 Earthrise 4
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AS11-44-6552 (July 1969) --- This view from the Apollo 11 spacecraft shows the Earth rising above the Moon's horizon. The lunar terrain pictured is in the area of Smyth's Sea on the nearside.

While astronauts Neil A. Armstrong, commander, and Edwin E. Adrin, Jr., lunar module pilot, descended in the Lunar Module (LM) "Eagle" to explore the Sea of Tranquility region of the Moon, astronaut Michael Collins, command module pilot, remained with the Command and Service Modules (CSM) "Columbia" in lunar orbit.

Publisher's Comment
"Earthrise" images are some of our most popular products. This one is a little sharper than the famous Apollo 8 Earthrise. We suggest you order this one if you want Maxisize or larger prints.