Apollo 11 Compete
462 8"x10" photos

Apollo 11 Complete  Archive 8"x10"
Apollo 11 Complete Archive 8"x10"
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Product Description

Entire Apollo 11 Archive set, consistig of 462 8"x10" printed images on high quality photo paper.

We have assembled a complete selection of every Apollo 11 image available in hi res scans from the NASA archives, including pre-flight, launch, in-flight, post-flight, and retreival images. These are the highest resolution scans available of the legendary 70mm Hasselblad Lunar Camera negatives.

You are ordering 462 8"x10" cropped to fit printed images on photo paper. Order "uncropped" below if you want the original image, uncropped. Note this option may result in a smaller 8"x8" image size.